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Garment Processing

With our origins in garment processing and more than two decades of experience, we are recognised as the leader in this specialist field.

Our success in garment processing is not only due to our investment in infrastructure and technology – we are equally committed to investing in people. We recruit, train and retain operatives with experience in garment handling, and specialist skills ranging from labelling, packaging, presentation compliance, and detailed AQL garment quality control (QC) checks to technical VAS.

Advanced Supply Chain Group specialises in all aspects of garment quality control, compliance, and processing. We also have all of the necessary expertise and equipment to deliver all aspects of pre-retail, processing, quality control, returns and delivery compliance. All services are undertaken to the highest quality, ensuring that the product reaches its end destination fully compliant and right first time.

Our garment processing services improve speed to market, reduce dwell time at destination DC / FC and maximise the product selling window. Our solutions are designed to be customer specific however, the core process and checks carried out are similar across all customer requirements.

We have invested heavily in our garment processing sites, equipping them with modern, fully-automated garment processing tools including steam tunnels and auto baggers. The sites are linked to our sophisticated Vector software, which is equally adept with hanging or flat garments as it is with boxed goods. This means that our customers benefit from the same real-time control tower visibility and reporting features, as well as full integration and direct EDI links with their own in-house systems.

We’ve developed a unique garment quality control dashboard that allows us to carry out accurate and efficient QC and compliance inspections, ensuring our customers’ products meet their required quality standards. Any defects are quickly identified and reported to prevent delays within the supply chain. Business intelligence and detailed data reporting provides our customers with enhanced vendor management tools and the ability to make informed buying decisions.


To find out more about our garment processing services contact our Omni-channel Solutions team on +44 (0)1274 470500 or click here to submit an enquiry.

Our garment processing service includes:

  • Compliance re-work and re-packaging
  • Unbox and hang
  • Flat processing
  • Steam tunnelling
  • Hand and dolly pressing
  • Tag, bag, re-pricing and care labelling
  • Re-pack and re-labelling
  • De-branding/re-branding
  • QC inspections
  • Returns rectification, spot cleaning and repair
  • Sewing and remodelling
  • Ozone mould and odour treatment

Are you EPR ready?

What is extended producer responsibility (EPR)?

EPR is an environmental policy determining whether the responsibility of producers is extended to the post-consumer stage of a product’s life cycle. Producers could be manufacturers, importers, brand owners, retailers, distance sellers or foreign producers.

The increased introduction of textiles within this scheme aims to improve recycling and reuse rates and generate positive environmental change on a global scale via incentives and fees.

What you need to do to prepare?

EPR legislation is emerging internationally and there is a complex legislative landscape for retailers, brands and producers to navigate. By 1st January 2025, EU legislation will mandate the setup of schemes for the separate collection of textiles for reuse and recycling which could have a radical impact across the industry, meaning preparations should begin as soon as possible.

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Reconomy’s textiles EPR solution. ReDress

Our legislatively led solution is made up of a number of modules, making it a perfect fit for any business to build a tailored solution:

Horizon scanning
Our international compliance team keeps you informed on environmental legislation and insights to mitigate risk within an evolving global legislative landscape.
Data management
With complex legislation data is key for driving informed business decisions. We paired high quality data management with innovative tools to make compliance reporting easier and more efficient.
Environmental compliance
Whether it's supporting you throughout the whole process or stepping in for part of it, we help simplify compliance with our global producer responsibility organisation (PRO) operation.
Omni-channel take-back
EPR includes mandatory take-back programmes. Through a combination of integrated software and an extensive logistics network, we provide a complete ecosystem to handle used textile take-back, globally.
Through our repair network, we can restore used textiles into reusable or resalable condition.

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