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International Freight Forwarding

With over 20 years of freight forwarding experience, our team of logistics experts will be able to find the right solution for you.

Benefits & Features

We are a dedicated freight forwarder that provides a professional, friendly, and timely service to all of our customers, with account managers working to provide a streamlined service for our clients from start to finish.

  • Priority customs clearance

    Prioritise consignments to ensure the easy transfer of your products.

  • Continent wide coverage

    Goods moved quickly and efficiently, with continent-wide coverage for collection and delivery.

  • Reduced product duty

    Faster clearance with fewer costs and fewer delays whilst mitigating disruptions to your supply chain. your supply chain.

  • Deferred payment of duty

    Our Global Logistics division holds Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) accreditation for faster customs clearance.

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) – A trusted business partner

AEO status stands for “Authorised Economic Operator”, and is a globally recognised accreditation

AEO certification provides several benefits to our customers:

  • Greater access to priority clearance
  • Reduced administration
  • Increased transport security
  • Lower rate of physical inspections of imported/exported goods
  • Faster release of shipments
  • Preferential treatment by Customs Authorities
  • Deferred payment of duties

Business Benefits

  • Cost-effective - as we can negotiate better terms for our clients.

  • More efficient logistics - our experienced team can pinpoint your needs and link you to the right places in the supply chain.

  • Agility - improved traceable flow of goods.

  • A quicker, more efficient approach to customs relief and applications.

  • ASCG can provide timely and accurate information and can mitigate challenges before they arise.

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