supply chain management

As a result of our commitment to recruiting top talent, at Advanced Supply Chain Group we have a knowledgeable and highly experienced supply chain management team with end-to-end expertise, enabling us to provide a comprehensive and intelligent supply chain management service.

With a dedicated client manager integrated in to the customer’s operation we can conduct a detailed review of the supply chain, from source of manufacture to final destination, and recommend areas for improvement.

combining expertise and innovation

Using Six Sigma techniques we design leaner processes and support our customers in implementing innovative practices – such as origin consolidation, active vendor management, upstream quality and compliance management – to remove complexity from the supply chain, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Supported by our team of IT specialists, our supply chain management team is able to develop bespoke systems, or customise existing software, to provide customers with a real-time ‘control tower’ view for enhanced visibility of individual orders as they progress through the supply chain.


supply chain systems

Bespoke software solutions to overcome the challenges faced by retailers and suppliers using legacy systems to manage today’s complex supply chains


supply chain consultancy

Benefit from our extensive knowledge and over two decades of operational experience with our supply chain consultancy service


news and views


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