UK & European Distribution

We will work with you hand-in-hand to deliver transport operations that combine reliability and on-time, in-full deliveries at the lowest possible cost.

We are industry leaders in developing intelligent Nominated Carrier Schemes which simplify the whole process. Our experience means fewer vehicles at our customers’ centres and tighter stock control.

Through our Intelligent Logistics approach, you will have real-time visibility of the status of your load and the added peace of mind that comes with knowing both our vehicles and our subcontractors are GPS-tracked day and night.

Transport App

Our smartphone app. allows full track and trace anywhere in the world. Drivers are notified of their daily work pattern in the local language using a simple and easy to follow format. The app. captures the data relevant to your load, such as sku, qty, condition along with photos of any notes/documents at either end. This data is uploaded to our webservers in real time allowing you full access to what’s happening to your load 24/7.

Drivers are able to notify our office if they are facing transport issues so we can keep our customer informed, and advise other drivers of issues on the roads they may need to account for. This real time information is highly valued by customers, and enables our haulage services to be as efficient as possible.

Intelligent Logistics

Advanced Supply Chain Group reimagine your supply chain through our Intelligent Logistics approach. We apply science and technology to your specific needs, to deliver the most effective, efficient and cutting edge supply chain possible.

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Case Study Ultra Finishing

ASCG provides a revolutionary customer visibility which is aligned with a strategy to optimise cost and service for Ultra Finishing Limited.

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