Multichannel & e-Fulfilment

We operate in an ever-changing Omni channel era, where speed and agility are crucial and advanced technologies are vital for success.

As a multi-channel logistics provider we deliver business-to-business and business-to-consumer fulfilment services at the right price and in the right place for every business.

Our Intelligent Logistics approach enables seamless system integration, accurate stock management, order personalisation and fast, cost-effective fulfilment along with carrier management and an open real time information portal.

We understand the peaks and troughs that come our way and together with highly trained and flexible staff we plan and prepared for known peaks and use our expertise to ensure your customers get the service that you’ve promised.


All too often customers return items in a condition that renders them unfit for resale, leaving retailers with a stark choice - refuse the return and risk damaging customer relations, or write down the value of the stock - often significantly.

With ReStore, we are giving retailers a third option.

ReStore is a returns service that gets your goods back into stock – quickly. We use our garment expertise and specialised technical equipment to recover much more of the value locked away in your returns. One major retailer used ReStore to process a batch of goods that had a marked down value of just £80,000. By investing £20,000 the ReStore process brought the value back to £350,000, a cool £250,000 profit.

Intelligent Logistics

Advanced Supply Chain Group reimagine your supply chain through our Intelligent Logistics approach. We apply science and technology to your specific needs, to deliver the most effective, efficient and cutting edge supply chain possible.

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