A Large Wholesaler

Agility, collaborative planning and forecasting are the key to securing capacity in peak trading

Our Client

Our client is a large wholesaler working within the UK, offering branded and private-label goods which are sold to over half a million customers ranging from supermarkets and independent local shops to restaurants. The client currently lists over 15,000 product lines covering non-food items, beverages, fresh and frozen food and tobacco.

The Situation

Being obsessed with the weather is a very British thing; however, sunshine sells drinks and its exceptionally big business for our client’s customers. The wholesale business needed a robust logistics solution to extend their logistics capacity for the summer drinks peak trading. The unreliability of the British weather means they require an agile operational solution that could handle their client’s rapidly shifting needs. Logistic operations can have a substantial impact on areas such as availability, storage and distribution costs and on-time deliveries and this is central to the solution required by our client.

The Solution Principles

The ability to adapt quickly to change separates ASCG from other less agile operators. In today’s hyper-competitive retail marketplace, too much flexibility can lead to indecision; it is ASCG’s assumption that every one of their client’s seeks to improve their operational flexibility. Our solution challenge for the client has driven a transformation towards a “plug and play” paperless logistics solution. An all-digital process (Vector technology) is more efficient and easier to administer and update – as quickly as needed. But, with an ease of making changes, it becomes critical that an operational process improvement is accompanied by appropriate interface with the clients systems to ensure stock visibility is maintained.

Our Solution

Beyond providing our client with a flexible multi user warehousing option for their summer peak, improving operational flexibility means that the client’s suppliers must also have the ability to deliver into the warehouse quickly to the increased demand. The ability to re-program inbound schedules to occur consistently with the right documentation for every inbound delivery regardless of how often it changes is the key to coping with the summer drinks relief operation.

Our Measurable Results

Increased digital automation to enable rapid change (reducing set up times) and thus giving the client a greater responsiveness to changes in product mix and volumes

  • Client Agility
  • Demand driven
  • Local technology configuration
  • Maximised effectiveness

Continual Improvement

Shared Data - Creating a long term partnership with the client, moving from an “integrated” to “dynamic” supply chain model views both our supply chains as adaptable ecosystems of processes, people, capital assets, technology and shared data. Strive for “Operational Agility” where it matters to drive profits.


Intelligent Logistics

Advanced Supply Chain Group reimagine your supply chain through our Intelligent Logistics approach. We apply science and technology to your specific needs, to deliver the most effective, efficient and cutting edge supply chain possible.

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