With a truly international reach and bases across continents, our team can often be found globetrotting.

Our IT director, Will Robinson, and head of information systems, Paul Barrett, recently added some more stamps to their passports as they visited Shanghai and Hangzhou in China and Kowloon in Hong Kong.

Here’s their postcard…

Date of visit

12 – 21st March 2018

Reason for visit

We have traveled to our software development office in China to interview for testing resource.

First visit?


Existing customers based there?

One of our clients has an office in Hangzhou which we were delighted to pay a visit to.

Favourite place to eat

Hangzhou has a very famous tourist hotspot called the “West Lake” and there is a fantastic restaurant that serves very traditional local cuisine. We took all of our Hangzhou colleagues there for a meal.

Tipple of choice

Pijiu (That’s the first Chinese word we learned on our first trip and means beer)


When some of our China colleagues came to the UK, they came to see a Bradford band called “Scars on 45”. They must have enjoyed it as it was playing in the car one day on our way to the airport!

Book, magazine or podcast?

The House on Cold Hill – Peter James. Not the most thrilling book I’ve ever read, so it helped quite well to overcome the jetlag!

Must-have gadget or app

WeChat is the Chinese version of WhatsApp. It’s crucial if you want to message anyone in China. You can also use it to pay for things if you have a Chinese bank account – it’s very odd to see folk paying with what is essentially WhatsApp!