Intelligent logistics


We reimagine your supply chain through our intelligent logistics approach. We apply science and technology to your specific needs, to deliver the most effective, efficient and cutting edge supply chain available to you.

You will see a whole new way to plan your logistics operations. We’ll bring you complete visibility, control and traceability. You will see the past, present and future journey of your products. Your productivity will increase and you will feel more able to cope with any of the multitude of issues that arise.

We promise seamless systems integration, accurate stock management, order personalisation, scalability and fast, cost efficient fulfilment.

Intelligent Logistics is our unique mix of tools, software, intelligence, experience, standards and techniques that enables us to revolutionise supply chains. It includes:

  • Bespoke IT services and software implementation
  • Dedicated research and development activity
  • Industry leading talent
  • Pioneering management techniques
  • ISO quality principles
  • Lean and Six Sigma practices

Meet The Team

Advanced Supply Chain Group work with a partnership approach ensuring that Together Everyone Achieves More. We employ the best talent from across the logistics and supply chain sector.

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Case Study Ultra Finishing

ASCG provides a revolutionary customer visibility which is aligned with a strategy to optimise cost and service for Ultra Finishing Limited.

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